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Our Services

Sometimes visiting the vet can be intimidating. You’ll be comfortable at EYAC with the knowledge that your pet is in good hands and you have the information you need.

Your appointment is one-on-one time with the vet to discuss your pet. What’s your pet’s lifestyle and routine? Habits and activities? What issues are you concerned about? The vet will also perform a thorough physical examination of your pet at this time.


Using the information gathered from your discussion and the physical exam, the vet may recommend some testing they feel would be beneficial to give us a more complete picture of what’s going on with your pet.

  • ON-SITE LABORATORY: With our full range of analyzers and equipment, we are able to quickly provide you results for most of our tests on the same day.
  • BLOOD: Different blood profiles can give us information on blood cell count, various organ function, or presence of disease.
  • URINE: The chemical and physical material excreted in urine can give us information about kidney and bladder health and infection.
  • STOOL: Most often used to identify intestinal parasites, but can also be used to detect gastric bleeds or gastrointestinal infections.
  • RADIOLOGY: We are fully equipped to provide x-ray imaging for your pet while you wait.
  • ULTRASOUND AND SCOPING: Additional imaging services such as ultrasounds and scoping can also be arranged on-site if required.
  • CYTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY: Lumps and bumps often appear on our pets and we can obtain samples to identify whether they are benign or malignant.

Supporting the mind and body.

With the complete picture in hand, our vets will suggest a plan to support your pet in healing itself.

  • PHARMACY: Our convenient in-clinic pharmacy incorporates a comprehensive selection of mainstream pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and more.
  • SURGERY: We perform a wide range of surgeries in hospital including spays, neuters, tumour, stone, and foreign body removals. Laparoscopic services are also available. Ask our vets about your options!
  • DENTISTRY: Dental disease affects over 70% of pets over the age of 3 years old. Regular dental cleanings with scaling of the tooth surface above and below the gumline help maintain dental health and prevent secondary health issues such as heart and kidney disease.
  • CYTOKINE THERAPY: Cytokines are natural proteins that are important in cell signaling. By regulating these proteins, we can change cell behaviour towards inflammation, infection, and trauma.